Corporate Profile

Hallador Energy Company has been leading exploration in energy sourcing since 1951. The name Hallador, is Spanish for “one who leads the way”; this has been the company mantra for strategic positioning for long-term opportunities.

With its roots in oil and gas exploration, Hallador has evolved to concentrate on coal development and transportation delivery. Sunrise Coal, LLC., Halladors’ primary business unit has the capacity to produce 10 million tons of coal annually and has customers in the mid-west and southeastern United States.

Additionally, Hallador owns Summit Terminal, a transport facility on the Ohio River. Hallador Energy is a company poised to endure market challenges for future returns.

Contact Information

Hallador Energy Company
1183 East Canvasback Drive,
Terre Haute, IN 47802
(303) 839-5504

Primary IR Contact:
Rebecca Palumbo
Shareholder Relations


Sunrise Coal, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallador Energy Company, is Indiana’s 2nd largest coal producer. The company is focused on developing coal reserves in the Illinois Basin.